What do you want to be, when you grow up?

Do you remember that time, when you was a child, and you dreamed of what you would become when you grew up? Today you have become an adult and hopefully you have a great job and everything is working out for you well. But try to stop for a second and think about, if you ever dreamed of what you would become to be and what that was? And last, have you achieved your dreams or have they changed as you got older?


Myself, I work in the banking industry. I did not become what I once hoped for, but actually I am very close to work with what was my original wish. I work with asset management and this job require the same type of education as if I had chosen to work in the banking industry generally. During my education, one of my teachers was working with asset management and gradually he helped increase my interest for this type of job. In many ways I am therefore following my dream – it have just changed and not stayed the same my whole life.


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